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Options for Basement Flooring

The first step in deciding on what type of flooring to use for your basement flooring is to determine how much moisture your basement has. If the moisture level of your space is not considered, there could be possible issues once you have laid down your flooring. This is why it is important to determine this factor before you make any decisions.

According to this article in order to test your moisture levels you should, “purchase a Calcium Chloride Kit and an Alkaline Test Kit. These kits will determine 2 separate, but important moisture combinations in your basement…or speak with the sales representative at the store where you find the products.”

After you have determined the moisture level the article says that you need to determine the purpose of the room. If your basement will be used for one reason over another, this can affect the type of flooring you will want.

Painted concrete is one popular type of basement flooring. According to the article, “This is a simple process of sealing the slab and then applying a paint specifically designed for concrete applications. It can be a solid color or you can be creative and do a faux finished floor to make it look like marble or granite. Two color squares could be taped off to create a checkerboard floor or some other geometric pattern. The only limit to painting this type of floor is your imagination.”

Rubber flooring is also very suitable for most basements. It is ideal for a rumpus room or exercise space. It is cost-effective and easy to install. All that you have to do is buy the rolled flooring or interlocking tiles and lay them down them.

Hard wood or laminate flooring is designed to securely join together. These types of floors work best with floors that are less than perfect. They are generally cheap and easy to install.

Carpet is another option for your basement. However, only use it when you space does not have moisture issues. If your basement has any water, carpet will have problems down the road. Tiles are another alternative for you basement floor. Depending on the material that you use they can be simple or difficult to install.

For any of your basement flooring needs contact TLC Garage Works by clicking here or dialing 888-742-5852  .

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