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Benefits of Basement Floor Sealer

Basement floor sealer can help your home in many ways. According to this article there are six specific reasons to use basement floor sealer.

1.    Mold & Mildew

If your basement floor is not sealed, it will be prone to mold and mildew growth. This growth can cause mold throughout your home. Concrete is very porous and thus provides the perfect environment for mold to grow. This mold can give your home a musty odor and can also be very costly to remove.

2.    Paint & Adhesion

If you paint a basement floor the paint will not seal properly to the floor. If you don’t use floor sealer, the paint can bubble and chip. Moisture causes the paint not to seal properly.

3.    Carpeting Issues

If you lay carpet over a floor that is not sealed, then your carpet can get damaged. Moisture can seep into your carpet. This will cause more mold problems and vapors can travel into your air.



Vapors from the ground below your basement can seep into your house if your floor is not properly sealed.  Not only water, but also gas vapors can come into your home. The water vapors can cause bacterial growth and the gas vapors may have an effect on eyes, lungs, and sinuses. This can all be harmful to your health.

5.   Salt Powder

As water vapors enter your room, a white powder will be left on your floor—salt. If you floor is sealed then you will not have to worry about this burden. The salt is not harmful to your health, but it is a pain to clean constantly.


6.   Harder Surface

When a basement floor is sealed the concrete becomes harder. The sealer fills in the porous parts of the concrete. This will make your basement floor a stronger surface in general.


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