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Three Options to Finish a Basement Ceiling

There are several ways that you can finish you basement ceiling. This article details three of the most simple and popular ways to do so.

Suspended Basement Ceiling

A suspended basement ceiling is one of the least expensive ways to construct your basement ceiling.  It is also known as a drop ceiling and is most suitable for high basement ceilings.  A drop ceiling has a drop or space between the finished ceiling and the actual ceiling. With this type of basement ceiling finish, you can easily access plumbing and wiring while at the same time hide it.

This type of ceiling is installed by using light weight frames to support panels. Most of these tiles are plain but you may be able to find some suppliers that have different colors and patterns for you to use on your ceiling. There are several advantages to drop ceilings. One of the main advantages is easy access to wiring, pipes or ventilation that you may need to access in the future. Also, it makes it easier for you to install electrical cables or an entertainment system. It is also one of the easiest ceiling finishes to install.  The insular quality of the suspended ceiling also helps decrease noises in your basement.

Dry Wall

Drywall is used by many people as a ceiling option in their basement. This type of finish is more permanent than the drop or suspended ceiling. This finish is more durable and sturdy, but at the same time it takes much more preparation and work to install. However, it is easier to decorate and design a dry walled ceiling. Unlike a suspended basement ceiling, though, you do not have access to the plumbing and ventilation.

Aside from being a more difficult install, drywall has advantages. Because it is a more permanent, sturdy ceiling it can make you space look more finished. It is also helps to coordinate and streamline your basement with the rest of your home.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles are the least common approach of the three, but they can provide a nice touch to your space. This option, however, is great if your ceiling does not have anything hanging from it. A flat ceiling is more suitable for this type of basement ceiling finish. Installing acoustic tile is easy and quite inexpensive so this is a great project that you can do yourself.

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