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Planning On Selling Your Home? Don’t Let Your Garage Floor Turn Away Prospective Buyers.

Anybody who has been through the process of selling a home knows that preparing for the sale is a lot of work. Because even though you may constantly work to keep your house clean and tidy, getting it ready to put on the market is another matter.


Prospective buyers expect to see a home at its best when it’s up for sale. They expect the interior to be clean and orderly. They expect the exterior to be nearly flawless, with paint and landscaping in good shape. Homebuyers expect sellers to do everything they can to get their homes looking their absolute best.

And smart homeowners do exactly that when putting their homes up for sale. They go to the work, effort and expense of making certain that their homes do indeed look their very best. Homeowners do that because, more often than not, the payoff comes in the form of cold, hard cash when their home sells for the best possible price.

But even the most dedicated and fastidious of homeowners often overlook one key area when spiffying up their homes for sale: the garage floor.

Garage Floors Take a Beating

Garage floors live a hard life. They’re susceptible to staining from all manner of automotive-related fluids: oil, grease, antifreeze, etc. And every little drop contributes to marring the look of the garage floor as a multitude of stains accumulate through the years.

garage organization 2 TLC

Even garages that never play host to the family car tend to become stained over time with all the activities that normally occur in garages.

So unless your home is very young, it’s quite likely that your garage floor has accumulated its fair share of staining and discoloration. And that’s a bad thing if you’re preparing to put your home up for sale.

Because a stained, dirty-looking garage floor will attract the eye of most potential buyers – and not in a good way.

An Easy Solution…

A TLC Garage Works floor coating will leave your garage floor looking better than new. It will transform your eyesore garage floor from adetraction to an attraction in the eyes of prospective buyers. Best of all, a garage floor makeover will help to assure you get top dollar for your home.

And if it happens that you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon? Well then, why not enjoy the luxury of having a glossy, pristine-looking garage floor right now, and for all the remaining years you live in your home?

Because the Polyaspartic Polyurea coating we’ll use on your floor will still be looking good if you should decide to sell in the future – even if that’s many, many years from now.

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