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The Best Organization Equipment for Your Garage-Stored Gardening Tools

For avid gardeners, spring is a very special time of year. That’s because springtime signals the end of a long hiatus in gardening activities. It spells the end of dreary days of dreamy planning while poring over seed catalogs. It’s the end of pining for the smell of fresh-turned soil as winter winds scythe through the remains of last year’s garden.

Springtime signals a time for action. Finally!


But before you put spade to soil for the first time this season, it might be wise kick-off this season’s gardening activities with a different chore: organizing your garage. Because keeping your gardening tools well organized and accessible will make your gardening work all the more enjoyable.

TLC’s garage organization service uses the StoreWALL line of garage storage equipment. StoreWALL offers a variety of storage solutions that are perfectly suited for organizing and storing your gardening equipment.

Equip your garage with the following, and you’ll be sure to have your garden tool storage needs well in hand:

  • Long-Handled Tool Storage: StoreWALL’s Universal Hook will hold most any long-handled gardening tool. And the universal hooks are deep, so you can store multiple tools on one hook. You might even decide to organize your tools so that all of one type are on one hook: all your spades on one Universal Hook; all your rakes on another; etc.


Another great option for long-handled tool storage is the Heavy Duty Cradle Hook. This hook is particularly suited for heavier long-handled tools such as weed-wackers.

  • Hand-Tool Storage: If you’re like most gardeners, you likely have quite a collection of gardening hand tools like trowels, hand weeders – and probably much more. There’s no better storage solution for gardening hand tools than StoreWALL’s Shallow Wire Baskets. Wire baskets offer at-a-glance convenience for quickly finding the tool you need.


  • Gardening Gear Storage: Every gardener has a collection of gear designed to make gardening safer and more comfortable: gardening clogs, hats, gloves, kneepads, etc. StoreWALL’s Angle Shelf is perfect for this purpose. The open-air wire design facilitates fast drying of muddy gardening gear like boots and gloves. And the slope of the shelf assures that mud, dirt, and moisture won’t end up on the garage wall.


  • Hoses: Is there anything more frustrating than trying to untangle a Gordian’s knot of garden hoses? Well, some things may be more frustrating. But not many! StoreWALL’s Heavy Duty Utility Hook is the perfect solution. This hook is much wider at the end than at the base. And that keeps coiled hoses from lapping over the end of the hook as the coil loosens somewhat during storage.



A Bonus Feature…

Perhaps the best thing about StoreWALL’s garage storage solutions is that each device attaches to the wall using the exclusive CamLok™ mounting technology. This system permits each storage attachment to be moved to your heart’s content. So you can organize your garden tool storage to be customized perfectly to your preferences. And you can change your storage layout on a whim.

After all, each gardening season is different from the last. So why not organize your gardening tool storage so that it’s just right for this season’s needs?


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