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Polyaspartic Polyurea flooring is the way to go!

The new, fast curing, incredibly durable Polyaspartic Polyurea catalytic floor finishing systems are the way of the future ladies and gentlemen. The most significant drawback to epoxy garage floor coating was how long it took to install and cure before the garage could be returned to service and fully utilized, but thanks to Polyaspartic Polyurea catalytic flooring this is no longer an issue. Let us explain exactly how Polyaspartic Polyurea flooring is the better choice.

At TLC Garage Works we only use industrial strength, flexible, earth friendly, VOC-compliant, and just about bullet-proof, Polyaspartic Polyurea floor finishes that will outlast, out-shine, and out-perform any other coatings on the market today. With our unique colors, textures and stunning granite or chipped floor looks, you’ll have unparalleled choice, quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability. And best of all, your TLC GarageWorks floor system will be ready for use by you and your family in just hours. and you can drive your car on it the very next day.

Here are some quick facts that you’ll want to know when choosing your garage floor:

• An ideal solution for floor repair

• Easy to clean

• Seamless, waterproof coating

• UV resistant – won’t yellow or chalk

• VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant in all States

• Tolerant to temperatures up to 300°F when cured

• Resistant to stains from acids, oils, fats, foods, and other chemicals

• Optically clear (top coat formulation)

• Applicable vertically, horizontally and overhead

• 4 times stronger than epoxy

• Applicable under wide variety of climatic conditions – high/low temperatures and/or humidity

• High bond strength to concrete, steel, ceramic tile, fiberglass, and other composites

• Rapid curing with short down time – installed in just one day

• Walk-able within two hours, and you can drive on it within after 24 hours

• Superior re: color stability, gloss retention, chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance

• Chip or crack resistant, unlike hard, brittle epoxies and urethanes

• Characteristics (elasticity, flexibility and elongation) allow for movement of vehicles, equipment and machinery with little risk of damage

• Greater elongation (200%) characteristics (compared to epoxies and urethanes) means the expansion and contraction of substrates is of less concern than with alternatives

• Applicable over zinc, epoxy, urethane, and aromatic polyurea

For more information on Polyaspartic Polyurea catalytic floor finishing systems, please visit our website at www.TLCGarageworksinc.com!

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