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Converting Your Basement into Livable Space

How to Turn That Junk Room into a Showroom

Is your college graduate moving back home but you have already converted their bedroom into an office? Or are you looking to create a space to watch your favorite football team on a Sunday afternoon with the guys but don’t have the space.

Now, it’s easier than ever to convert that run down basement into a new hangout space you would be proud to show off.

By following these simple steps, a new room awaits.

  1. Moisture: First and foremost remove all of the moisture from the space. No one is going to want to sit and relax if they feel as though they’re in a sauna.
  2. Ceiling: Go with a tray ceiling instead of the typical suspended look. Tray ceilings are more modern and less likely to give your space that “basement’ feel.
  3. Stairs: Opt for a banister instead of the previous installed stairwell. This will open up the room creating a more welcoming atmosphere
  4. Lighting: Natural light is always going to be the best option. If your basement allows for windows, the more the better.
  5. Walls: Before you begin this project, consider dry wall instead of paneling. Not only is paneling short lived but dry wall will give your space that fresh updated look you are looking for.
  6. Paint: Choosing the right color paint is critical. Lighter colors work well in basements since the space is already underground does not receive as much light as other places in your house. The lighter colors will brighten the room without trying too hard.
  7. Furniture: The most crucial piece to finishing up this puzzle is picking the right furniture. Remove all of pieces that look like they should be in a basement. Instead try more comfortable, modern pieces to accentuate the new living quarters.

If you’re interested in turning that somber basement into the mancave of your dreams please contact TLC Garage Works, Inc at www.tlcgarageworksinc.com.

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