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Garage Lighting Tips

Garages have evolved over the years, becoming man caves, workshops and exercise rooms, but garage lighting has remained fairly un-evolved. While we rely on our garages for so much more than we used to, most garages still only come equipped with a single halogen bulb dangling in the center of the room. So what are you to do if you need more lighting?

This article from eHow.com explains, providing several tips to increase your garage lighting.


This is a pretty simple concept. Put the lights where you need them most. If your garage is going to act as your workshop, make sure to install extra lighting above your workbench (you may also want to consider installing light fixtures that have built-in electrical outlets so you can plug in electrical tools). If your garage is going to be more of an exercise room, make sure you illuminate your garage fully, as if it were any other room in the house.

All of this will increase your garages safety, functionality and aesthetic value.


Shadows are not good for safety reasons, so try and place your lights in areas that will not cast shadows over the rest of the room. It is also important to install lights at every entrance, both inside and outside of your garage. This will make it easier for you to get in and out, while making it harder for someone to break in without being noticed.

Bulb Type

For garages used mainly for vehicle and property storage, incandescent lighting typically is just fine, but you’ll want to use fluorescent lights if you do a lot of repairs or projects in the garage space.

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