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Best Ways to light up your Garage

Garages are not designed to be the brightest room in your home. Most of them have a singular florescent light bulb dangling in the center of the room. If garages nowadays were still used to house our cars, this might be acceptable. But as garages continue to evolve, so to do their lighting needs.

Garages have become anything but storage rooms. People have begun transforming these dimly lit dungeons into all sorts of usable space, including: bedrooms, apartments, workout rooms, play rooms, and even man caves. One of the first areas to address when converting your garage for any of the before mentioned uses is lighting.

This article from eHow.com outlines the best way to light your garage (if you don’t plan on completely remodeling the area).

Fluorescent Lighting

The best ceiling lights for a two-stall garage are 8 foot fluorescent fixtures, one per vehicle space, according to the website Family Handyman. Four foot bulbs are recommended over 8 foot bulbs, which are more difficult to handle. Fluorescent lights should be chosen in accordance with the lowest temperature your garage is subjected to, as not all fluorescents work well in cold weather. Electronic ballasts, not electromagnetic, are best for temperatures down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. Energy-saver T12 lamps need a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to properly operate.

Halogen Work Lights

Halogen work lights are available in a few different types: a floor model and one on an extendable stand generally with two lights. Floor models will sometimes be equipped with a hook with which to hang it. Halogen lights provide excellent light but do have a tendency to get very hot. This can be advantageous for work areas when painting or working with epoxy and, in colder weather, they serve a dual purpose in providing good quality work light and heat.

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