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Garage Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

If you are like most American’s your garage probably resembles the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane. Items are carelessly stored, thrown into the garage and forgotten about. But just think of how much useful space you are losing by failing to maintain a clean garage.

How often have you remarked that your home just doesn’t have enough room? Well now is your chance to reclaim your garage and give your home the extra space it needs without having to pay for an expensive home addition. Here are a few tips to help you keep your garage clean:

Remove Oil Stains: This can be done with a cement floor, believe it or not, with any chemical or cleaner. If your garage floor is made of asphalt, your only choice is a detergent cleaner (other chemicals may deteriorate your asphalt flooring).

Remove Dirt and Grime: Use a strong solution of degreaser. Flood the garage and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then scrub away with a nylon pad and use a squeegee to gather the goop in a puddle. If need be, rinse and repeat.

Make Sure Your Concrete is Dry: Concrete flooring absorbs moisture. So before you wax, paint or mop your concrete, be sure that it is dry by placing a rubber mat on the surface. If moisture doesn’t accumulate under the mat after a few hours, then is is okay to treat your floor.

Organize: The only way to keep your garage clean is to organize your mess. Otherwise, the junk will once again pile up. Get rid of anything you do not need and add additional storage space for your more important items. This is where TLC Garage Works can help.

Why spend one more day losing the battle to clutter in your garage? Let TLC Garage Works, Inc provides you with a garage storage organization solution that’s right for you! TLC Garage Works Inc, garages are:

•      Professionally designed – our garage consultants will design your garage to best meet your requirements and your desires.

•      Versatile – your garage storage needs are likely to change over time. Our garage storage solutions are versatile enough to change and grow with you.

•      Safe – no more tripping over ski boots or catching your sleeve on the rake. Locks and proper positioning of garage storage cabinets, bins and garage shelving keep the garage safe for kids and pets as well.

•      Easy to maintain – all our garage storage organizer products are waterproof, and completely washable (You don’t need anything other than common household cleaners).

If you have any questions or would like a professionally organized garage, please contact TLC Garage Works by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

We can provide you what you need. Whether it is a complete garage makeover, a garage remodel, a new garage floor, better garage storage organization, new garage cabinets or garage shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solutions for you.

We serve Anne Arundel County MDCalvert County MDPrince Georges County MDMontgomery County MDHoward County MDCarroll County MD,  Baltimore County MDBaltimore City MD Harford County MDTalbot County MD, and Queen Anne’s County MD , as well as the Washington DC area.

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Garage Cleaning and Maintenance

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Whatever you need, whether its a complete garage make-over, or just a new garage floor, better garage storage organization, new garage cabinets or garage shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solution for you.
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