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Cool Down Your Garage | Home Improvement Tips

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When it’s 100 degrees outside chances are the inside of your garage may be 110 degrees or more. However, a bit of sweat equity and a few bucks invested in materials can result in a drop the garage temperature to a more than bearable level.

Here are 5 easy ways to cool things down.

1. Add a garage ventilation fan. The best location for ventilation fans is opposite the garage door, mounted high on the wall. Consider putting the fans on a timer so they run for several hours at a time and then turn off. You need a fan that’s a powerhouse and can move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute.

2. Install a screen door. If your garage has a regular access door in addition to a garage door keeping them both open will promote cross-ventilation. You can keep the bugs out by installing screen doors at both places.

3. Insulate. Wallboard is not needed if paper backed batt insulation is used. Simply install the insulation with staples (paper side down) and keep the insulation in place with netting made for that purpose – staples are also used to fasten the netting.

4. Plant a deciduous tree. If possible, plant the tree so that it is located between the garage and the sun during the hottest part of the day. During summer months the leaves will shade the garage and during the cold months the bare branches will let sunlight through to warm the garage. Most hardwood trees will fill the bill (Oak, Walnut, Ash, etc.). A Fruitless Mulberry grows like wildfire and provides great shade.

5. Replace your old garage door. New, energy efficient models can keep the heat out and reduce energy loss by up to 71 percent, according to manufacturer Clopay.

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Bob Carr | TLC Garage Works | Home Improvement Tips | Cool a Hot Garage

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