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Garage Organization Tips to Improve the Safety of your Garage

Chances are that your garage is cluttered. But don’t worry; most garages are a mess. The good news is that a well-organized garage is actually not as hard to accomplish as you may think! The secret: TLC Garage Works, Inc.

Step #1: Sort everything into piles – one pile to keep, one pile to donate, and one pile to throw away. And remember, the more you get rid of, the less you have to deal with later!

Step #2: Be smart. For starters, do not store anything on the floor. This will not only make sweeping and cleaning easier, but it will also protect your possessions in the event of flooding. So instead of storing items on the floor, utilize vertical storage. And remember to follow one simple rule: The less often a category of stuff is used, the higher up it goes.

If need be, have additional storage spaces installed.

Step #3: Call TLC Garage Works, Inc. We can provide you what you need. Whether it is a complete garage makeover, a garage remodel, a new garage floor, better garage storage organization, new garage cabinets or garage shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solutions for you.

  • Garage Cabinets: Adding cabinets to the garage will provide much needed storage and allow you to put things away.
  • Garage Shelving: If you have items that you use a lot, but that you need stored out of the way, garage shelves may be the perfect solution.
  • Garage Wall Panels: Have tools and other items that are awkward to store? Why not hang them on the wall? TLC’s wall panels and wall hooks make that possible!
  • Garage Bins: These are perfect for storing anything from sports equipment to tools.

If you have any questions about organizing your garage or would like further consultation, please contact TLC Garage Works by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

TLC Garage has reputable services, tips and expertise for any garage-related problem. Why not consider a complete garage makeover? We can do it for you. In addition to garage organization tips, we’ll organize your garage – from clean-up, taking your ‘junk’ away, installing slat-wall, new storage systems, and leaving it sparkling…and you’ll be glad you did!

We serve Maryland: Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, Talbot County, and Queen Anne’s County, as well as the Washington DC area.

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A Structured Garage is a Safe Garage: Garage Organization Tips

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Whatever you need, whether its a complete garage make-over, or just a new garage floor, better garage storage organization, new garage cabinets or garage shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solution for you.
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