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Things to Think About When Remodeling a Basement

Basement remodeling can be a very rewarding, but very complex endeavor. And some of the most crucial aspects of remodeling happen well before you ever tough a tool. Of course, we are talking about design.

But how do you get started? This article from DIYLife.com outlines the process.

First identify your goal. Is your basement going to be a game room, man cave, home theater, or office? One way to narrow down your options is to brainstorm. Basically throw out ideas as they pop in your head. Then discuss what you have come up with. Once you have identified your “wants,” it is time to look at your budget and identify your “needs.”

Having a plan is essential to any successful remodel. Once you have identified a direction, it is time to apply for a building permit. You may be able to get a blanket permit, but in most areas at least the plumbing and electrical permits will be separate and will be inspected independently.

Once you have obtained all appropriate permits, it is time to get started.

You will be building and insulating walls, hanging drywall, choosing and installing flooring materials (carpet, hardwood, laminate, etc.), planning your power layout, adding plumbing, and choosing and installing a new ceiling.

Some of these taks can be completed by the average do-it-yourself remodeler, while others should be handled by a licensed contractor. If any of these aspects are too much for you to handle on your own, TLC Garage Works would be happy to help!

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