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How to store garden tools

You wanted the perfect garden and you got it. But along with your beautiful flowers and delectable vegetables, you also accumulated a ton of gardening tools.

As you quickly found out, gardening is tough work and it requires a plethora of different gadgets and gizmos – rakes, spades, gloves, hoes, wheelbarrows, watering cans, shovels and shears. And where are you supposed to store all these newfound tools? Better yet, how are you supposed to store these newfound tools?

Proper storage not only keeps your home from becoming cluttered, but it also discourages dirt buildup and extends the life of your tools.

This article from eHow.com explains everything you need to know about garden tool storage.

If you have a large garden (and a ton of gardening tools) and do not have a garage, you may consider having a shed installed on your property to house all of your gardening tools. This will allow you to not only store your tools properly, but will also let you organize everything so that it is easily accessible.

One way to maximize your space is to utilize wall storage. You can install shelves, wall racks and hooks to better store your tools. Be sure to hang tools rather than let the bases touch the ground to deter rust and debris from gathering.

When storing your tools, make sure that you make the tools you need daily, easily accessible.

When your tools are not in use for a sustained period of time – like the winter months – it is even more important that you store everything properly. During the winter months garden tools and equipment are susceptible to rust and rot through misuse and improper storage. Clean and dry tools thoroughly, then place tool end down into a plastic bucket of clean sand. The sand prevents moisture from corrupting the metal parts of the tool and the texture of the sand keeps pointed tools sharp. Add a little oil to the sand to lubricate hinged tools.

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