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Garage Organization Can Offer a Priceless Payoff | TLC Garage Works | Home Maintenance Tips

OK, be honest: Is your garage a neat and tidy island of efficiency, everything where it should be, with lots of nice, open space available? Or is it a cluttered-up, junked-up, nightmarish mess that takes an effort akin to a deep-jungle safari just to navigate from one end to the other?

Clean Garage

No finger pointing here, but if you’re like most of us, your garage is more likely to resemble the latter than the former.

“What’s the harm?” you might be thinking. Isn’t that what a garage is for – storing things? So true. But it’s not what you store that counts; It’s how you store it that matters.

And it DOES matter. Because your cluttered-up garage can rob you of the most precious commodity you own.

Your Most Precious Commodity

What is that most precious commodity? It’s something that you alone own – but only in a limited supply. It’s something that you are constantly losing – some is slipping away from you as you read this article. And once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

It’s your time.

It’s so precious that no amount of wealth can buy back so much as a single second. No power on earth can slow the ticking of the clock. It’s truly more valuable than all of the gold on earth.

Back to That Garage…

Think back to the last time you needed something out of your garage. Maybe it was something you hadn’t used in a while, so it was buried under several layers of clutter.

How much time did you waste? (Including time for temper tantrums and cussing breaks!) Five, ten, fifteen minutes? That time came out of your personal stash, gone forever. Bet you would have preferred to spend it on something more enjoyable than garage rummaging!

Every second you waste in your cluttered-up garage costs you something so valuable that Bill Gates himself couldn’t buy it.

Garage Organization: An Investment in a Better Life

Imagine your garage neatly and efficiently organized. Imagine being able to instantly lay your hands upon any item in your garage. Imagine lots of open space available for fun projects.

Imagine being able to navigate from one end to the other without having to suck in your stomach to squeeze between the piles of junk!

What you’re imagining is a better life, one in which you waste less of your most precious commodity. Priceless value gained from the admittedly menial but vitally important task of organizing your garage.

Isn’t it interesting that the simplest things can sometimes pay the highest dividends?


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