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Garage heater safety

Piggybacking on our last post on heating your garage, we need to pass along some safety information for gas-powered space heaters.  Because they’re typically mounted to the wall, they don’t carry the danger of falling over like other heaters, but there are still precautions you need to take.  Once again, this HGTV article offers some good points.

  • Ventilation is necessary which means opening windows or garage doors if your heater doesn’t have a specific ventilation installed through the wall.
  • By the same token, keep other objects away from the heater or they can block the airflow.
  • Do not store flammable items anywhere near the heater.
  • Turn the heater off during any activity that creates or kicks up dust particles.  Clean dust and particles off the heater and sweep them away before starting it up again.

If you need help heating your garage, contact us.  We’ll not only advise you and help you with heating, but improve your organization as well to accommodate a heater.

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