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A Garage Makeover Could Change Your Life | Home Maintenance Tips

Sound a bit overdramatic? A garage makeover changing your life?

It may seem a bit farfetched, but we’ve seen it countless times: A family calls us to help with a garage that is, shall we say, in a bit of distress. Time and neglect have not been kind to that garage. The garage has become sort of an island of shame in an otherwise beautiful and comfortable home.

And don’t think for a second that that distressed garage doesn’t have a distressing impact upon the life of that family. It does.

Look at the ‘before’ photos and you’ll see:

• Oil and grease stained floors
• Dingy gray walls
• Disorganized, jumbled piles of ‘stuff’
• Scruffy, beaten-up stairs laden with piles of junk just waiting to cause an accident

TLC Incorporated Garage Organization

Not a Good Place…

If your garage happens to look more like the ‘before’ photos than the ‘after’ photos, then you know that this family’s garage had become a less-than-pleasant place to be.

Sure, they could still use the garage for certain garage essentials like storing things. (They could probably even get a vehicle in the garage if they moved and re-arranged enough of the haphazardly stored stuff!)

But a garage can be so much more than just a junk shed on steroids. A garage – a good garage – can add so much to the quality of your family’s life.

What a Good Garage Should Be…

• A clean and cheery place to putter
• A roomy (and safe!) place for fun and games
• Sort of an informal living room, or a hobby room
• A bright and relaxing place to just simply hang out

A garage can be – should be – all of these things, just as the garage in the before/after photos became for that family.

Look at the ‘after’ photos and you’ll see that their garage was transformed from a cluttered, dreary, borderline-dangerous place to a warm, cheery, inviting, organized sanctuary. An eyesore was transformed into a beautiful extension of their lovely home.

And that transformation did have an impact upon the lives of that family. Their garage was no longer a negative in their lives; it was a positive. Their made-over garage did improve the quality of their lives – perhaps not a huge, dramatic improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.

Quite a benefit from so simple a thing as a garage makeover, wouldn’t you agree?


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