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5 Things to Consider before Remodeling Your Basement

A basement renovation is a great way to add cost-effective, additional living space to your home. But before you try and tackle the project yourself or hire a proefssional, take a look at the 5 considerations you should make before any basement remodel, as provided by this article from HandyAmerican.com.

1.    Consider Your Lifestyle: Think about how your family spends there time. Does it make more sense to build a home library or a home theater? Should you build a home gym or a game room? Your family’s lifestyle will dictate what type of room you should design. Whatever your reasoning, remodeling your basement is also a great way to add value to your home.

2.    Consider How to Be More Open: Openness creates brightness. Add reinforced beams and remove any posts cutting through the room. An open room will be much better than a tiny dark basement.

3.    Consider Keeping It Low Maintenance: You don’t want to create more work for yourself. From flooring to wall coverings and even bathroom fixtures, the maintenance level of your basement is entirely up to you.

4.    Consider Opting for the Affordable: Your renovation doesn’t have to break the bank.  Consider low cost options. Start by choosing what your family can’t live without and then look for affordable ways to deliver that.

5.    Consider Hiring a Professional: Electrical and plumbing require a certified contractor and elements like flooring are very difficult for the average handyperson to tackle. You may also need to obtain permits and follow building codes.

While hiring a professional will cost more than doing the project yourself, it will be worth it. A professional will do the job the right way, according to code, and in a time-effective manner.

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