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Your Unfinished Basement is a HUGE Blank Slate

Want to know one of the really fun aspects of all the basement renovation projects we’ve completed at TLC Inc.? It’s watching our clients’ creativity spring to life.

If you think about it, your basement represents a massive percentage of the available floor space in your home. Depending upon the design of your home, your basement might account for nearly half of the floor space square footage in your house.


Now, imagine that you’ve decided to renovate your basement. What are you going to do with all of the space that will be added to the livable area of your home? It actually can be kind of a challenge to decide what to do with that huge chunk of livable square footage when it’s added to your home. (But it’s a good problem to have!)

The Wheels Start to Turn, and the Creativity Happens…

So for us, it’s fun to watch as our clients develop their plans for their renovated basement. Sometimes they know exactly what they want to do before they call us. And sometimes they’re not quite sure, and are looking for a guiding hand and some expert advice.

But either way, it’s fun to observe the creativity that comes into play as the plan for the new basement comes together. Because there’s something unique about basement renovations, something that no other type of renovation project can offer…

A True Blank Slate

If you’re renovating any other room in your home, you’re somewhat limited in your options. If you’re renovating a kitchen, for example, no matter how radical your renovation may be, in the end that room is still going to be a kitchen.

The same goes for the other rooms in your home. Because of their design and interrelation with each other, you really can’t stray too far off the reservation in renovating other rooms of your home.

But your basement is a different story. It’s isolated from the rest of the home. And it has no pre-ordained purpose limiting the potential uses of that space. It’s truly a blank slate. You can do whatever you want with that space. Whatever you want!

That’s why so much creativity often goes into a basement renovation. And that’s why it’s so much fun to be a part of the process!


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