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Basement Refinishing Can Add Value to Your Home

Are you looking for a way to add both functionality and value to your home? If so, a basement remodel could be the perfect solution for your needs. And don’t let the high price tag – average remodel costs $51,000 – scare you away; Basement remodeling projects boast an extremely high return on investment (ROI), 90%.

Some of the most popular basement remodels include:

Turning Your Basement into a Family Room: With just a little carpeting, some insulation and a few pieces of furniture, you can turn your dark, dank basement into a second family room.

Turning Your Basement into a Home Theater: Basements are usually made with concrete material. Concrete is not great for sound, so when you decide to make a basement the location of your home theater, cover the concrete floor with carpet. Carpet will absorb sound and not bounce sound. You can cover the concrete wall with wood panels or sheet rock to absorb more sound.

Turning Your Basement into a Home Office: With the right wiring, some new flooring, a desk and some other furniture, your basement can be easily transformed into your brand new home office.

Turning Your Basement into a Home Gym: Need a place to workout, but don’t feel like driving to the gym? Well, it sounds like you need a home gym! Add some fitness equipment and ventilation and say goodbye to gym fees forever.

Turning Your Basement into a Man Cave: Some carpet, a bar, a comfy couch, and a big screen TV are all that stand in between you and your very own basement man cave.

Other often-forgotten areas of your home that are perfect for remolding projects include: attics and garages.

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We can provide you what you need. Whether it is a complete basement makeover, a basement remodel, a new basement floor, better basement storage organization, new basement cabinets or basement shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solutions for you.

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Adding Value, Features, and Function to Your Home through Basement Remodeling

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Whatever you need, whether its a complete garage make-over, or just a new garage floor, better garage storage organization, new garage cabinets or garage shelving, TLC Garage Works, Inc has the right organization solution for you.
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